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Monday, 20 May 2013

Bright Club Edinburgh #16.0 Elemental

Chem·i·cal (km-kl)
1. Provoking mirth or amusement; funny.
2. Of or relating to comedy.
3. Bright Club Edinburgh #16.0

300 years of chemistry at Edinburgh University has lead to this:

Bright Club Edinburgh 16.0 Elemental
A chemistry special

Tuesday 28th May
The Stand Comedy Club (5 York Place EH1 3EB)


Ciarnan Duffy - Back from the nearly dead
Richard Duffy - Bismuth strikes again
Chris Mowat - X-ray-ted
Chris Nortcliffe - EE by eck, it's science
Colin Pulham - Under pressure
Michael Shaver - Plastic man
Sesha Venkateswaran - Homeless (wandered in)

With MC Susan Morrison

Tickets £5
available on the door and from