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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Bright Club Edinburgh at EISF

Q) Why did the skeleton go to the comedy show?

A) To support the researcher doing stand-up.

"Bright Club Bodies" - Our big show in the Edinburgh International Science Festival. Sponsored by the Physiological Society. Hosted by top comedian Andy Zaltzman and supported by Kitsch Kats cabaret duo.

April 5th 8pm @ Ghillie Dhu.  Get tickets at the Science Festival website (they work for us now)

Fancy performing? 

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Science Festival Training Dates!

If you follow us on facebook you'll have been made constantly aware that we've got four shows coming up as part of the Edinburgh Science Festival. We need a whole tonne of acts to fill all the slots so we simply will not stop banging on about it until people sign up!

If you're of a (vaguely) sciencey mindset and have often thought "maybe I should try doing Bright Club, it looks like fun (also that Pete guy who talks about stress is super funny)" then this is your moment! Change that thought to "I'm going to sign up for the training session on the 20th of March (also that Pete guy who talks about stress is super funny)"

You can sign up here:

This is the first of two sessions that will tell you all you need to know about doing academic stand up. If you sign up, it's only a matter of time until you're on Mock the Week.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Glasgow 1st March

Bright Club Glasgow have a show on the 1st March in the Admiral.

Tickets here (£4 on the door)

Alison Eales - The Beegeeologist
Jamie Gallagher - Is hot
Richard Elliot McGonigle - Love and Microscopes
Struan Logan - Exploring Funnier Times
Lewis Roy - In the Humour Section
Alistair Gemmell - Brian Cox's Understudy

With Scottish comedian Siân Beven as your compère and Jay Bharaj as the musical act.
We sent several of our Bright Club Edinburgh Alumnuts to the previous Bright Club Glasgow show.

Tell them about the funny, mummy

Those of you with tickets to the Museum Lates Night of the Mummy (24th February, sold out), we are pleased to present our Luxory Comedy line up:

Sarah Artt – Mummified at the movies
Robin Andrews – Didn’t have the right chemistry
Callum Hill – Carbon skidmark
Kathryn Bedford – The unlikely truth

And our guide through the laughterlife: Eleanor Morton!

Tutankhamun join us for a pharaoh good night.

(Don't worry, these puns are not a reflection of the quality of our comedy. We just need to get them our of our system)