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Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas riddle crossword

Solve the anagram of letters in yellow squares to find out
“What tastes better than it smells?”

1 Bought by the metre, but worn by the foot (6)
7 Traditionally, this man has two or three balls (7)
9 So delicate that saying its name breaks it (7)
11 This lady is a gem (5)
12 Has a neck, but has no head (6)
13 Begins with t, is filled with t, and ends in t (6)
15 Travels the world but stays in one spot (5)
17 Joins two people, but touches only one (7,4)
19 The more you take, the more you leave behind (5)
20 Often drawn on camels (5)
2 A thing with only one hand (3)
3 Easy to get into - hard to get out of (7)
4 Tall when young and short when old (6)
5 Can go up a chimney down but can’t come down a chimney up (8)
6 Obvious Christmas gift for woodland bears (6,5)
8 Has space, but no room - you can enter but you can’t leave (8)
10 Best way to stop food going bad (3,2)
14 Said by surprised pig (5)
16 Trees you carry in your hands (5)
18 A dry liquid (3)

Sunday, 29 November 2015

A little rest

That's it for 2015 - 7 shows including the Fringe and Explorathon.

We are now going to have a little lie down to dream about writing journal papers.  We will be back next year.  The show dates at The Stand Comedy Club will be:

23rd February
26th April
28th June
25th October

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Bright Club Edinburgh #35.0 Selection

Tuesday 24th November
Bright Club Edinburgh's last show of 2015!

Neil Lent – “Meta-pedagogue”
Stephen Dnes – “Embassy hopping”
Liam Brierley – “Sick sense of humour”
Stephanie Zihms – “Confessions of a rock lover”
Jamie Brogan – “Mixing oil and water”
Ana Navarrete – “Brain collector”
Philip Wadler – “Computability”

With compere Andrew Learmonth

Doors at 7.30pm, show begins 8.30pm
Tickets £5 on the door or in advance from
At The Stand Comedy Club (5 York Place EH1 3EB)

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Bright Club Edinburgh Explorathon '15

Fri 25 September @ The Stand Comedy Club Doors at 4.30pm, show begins 5.30pm (5 York Place EH1 3EB)

Margaret Stewart – “Rockin', rollin' & colourin' in”
Sam Abboud – “Law - while it's still legal”
Clare Taylor – “You are not alone”
With special guest, comedian & computer scientist
Matthew Collins – “Ctrl + Alt + Delight”

Compere and music
Mark Malarkey & Pauline Vallance “The Dreaded Lurgi”

Tickets FREE (special show age 16+)
Can be obtained in advance from (with 50p booking fee)

EXPLORATHON (European Researchers’ Night Scotland) is funded by the European Commission under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Programme

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Bright Club Edinburgh #34.0 Forth

Tuesday 21 July at The Stand Comedy Club, Edinburgh
Our 4th Birthday show - starring:

Becky Boulton – “Sex, Bugs, Rock n' Roll”
Klaudia Kleczkowska – “Quantum Crap”
Lynsey Hall – “Warning! May contain nuts”
Cristian Redondo Lours – “Rockstar Physicists”
Jonathan Pettitt – “The Astounding Worm Boy!”
Yvonne Waddell – “Yeah, It's a Real Language”
Maneesh Kuruvilla – “What? Where? When?”

Doors at 7:30pm, Show begins at 8:30pm
Tickets £5 available on the door and in advance from The Stand Comedy Club, Edinburgh

Bright Club at the Edinburgh Fringe

We are back at the BBC tent for another big Bright Club Fringe Show
26 August at 7pm, BBC@Potterrow

Kyle Marian Viterbo (1)
Maneesh Kuruvilla (2)
Dr Matt Winning (3)
Dr Sarita Robinson (4)
Prof Divya Jindal Snape (5)
Alexander Raeside (6)

1) MSc Student in Science Communication and Public Engagement at The University of Edinburgh
2) PhD Student in Psychology & Neuroscience at the University of St Andrews
3) Research Associate in Environmental Economics, University College London
4) Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Central Lancashire
5) Professor of Education, Inclusion and Life Transitions at the University of Dundee
6) PhD student in Plant Science at the University of Dundee

Tickets are free - apply on the BBC website before 29th July

Friday, 22 May 2015

Bright Club Edinburgh #33.3 Record

Tuesday 26 May @ The Stand Comedy Club
Doors at 7.30pm, show begins 8.30pm

Sander Keemink – “The bickering brain”
Alexandra Kuznetsova – “Is not certain”
Emanuele Trucco – “Of fish and admin”
Rory Telfer – “Acceptable mediocrity”
Adam Julians – “Holy interpenetration”
Lubna Kerr – “Mixed breed – mixed feed”
Kyle Viterbo – “If bones could talk”

Plus an incomparable compere
Tickets £5
available on the door and from

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Bright Club Edinburgh #32.0 Power

Bright Club Edinburgh returns to The Stand comedy club on Tuesday 28th April for more of the same different comedy.


Clare Taylor – “Microscopic menace”
Belen Martin-Barragan – “Let maths decide”
Mark Brite – “The entrepreneurial sociologist”
Stephen Darling – “What Bill forgot”
Danielle Eiseman – “Worth one’s trash”
Philip Wadler – “Computability”
Phil O’Shea – “Philosophy”

Overseen by compere Garry Dobson

Doors at 7:30pm. Show begins at 8:30pm.
Tickets are £5 (available on the door and in advance from The Stand)

Friday, 20 February 2015

Bright Club Edinburgh #31.0 Smart

Tuesday 24 Feb @ The Stand Comedy Club Doors at 7.30pm, show begins 8.30pm  (5 York Place EH1 3EB)

Spinning the funny with the interesting:

Jonathan Wyatt – “Counselling on a scale of 1 to 5”
Brian Morton – “Surrogate science”
Suzanne McEndoo – “Quantum computer says no”
Lubna Kerr – “Food glorious food”
Mark Malarkey – “Weirdly natural sex”
Lewis Dean – “Apes of wrath”
Maneesh Kuruvilla – “Rate me”

Stitched together by compere Jay Lafferty

Tickets £5
available on the door and from