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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Bright Club Edinburgh #34.0 Forth

Tuesday 21 July at The Stand Comedy Club, Edinburgh
Our 4th Birthday show - starring:

Becky Boulton – “Sex, Bugs, Rock n' Roll”
Klaudia Kleczkowska – “Quantum Crap”
Lynsey Hall – “Warning! May contain nuts”
Cristian Redondo Lours – “Rockstar Physicists”
Jonathan Pettitt – “The Astounding Worm Boy!”
Yvonne Waddell – “Yeah, It's a Real Language”
Maneesh Kuruvilla – “What? Where? When?”

Doors at 7:30pm, Show begins at 8:30pm
Tickets £5 available on the door and in advance from The Stand Comedy Club, Edinburgh

Bright Club at the Edinburgh Fringe

We are back at the BBC tent for another big Bright Club Fringe Show
26 August at 7pm, BBC@Potterrow

Kyle Marian Viterbo (1)
Maneesh Kuruvilla (2)
Dr Matt Winning (3)
Dr Sarita Robinson (4)
Prof Divya Jindal Snape (5)
Alexander Raeside (6)

1) MSc Student in Science Communication and Public Engagement at The University of Edinburgh
2) PhD Student in Psychology & Neuroscience at the University of St Andrews
3) Research Associate in Environmental Economics, University College London
4) Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Central Lancashire
5) Professor of Education, Inclusion and Life Transitions at the University of Dundee
6) PhD student in Plant Science at the University of Dundee

Tickets are free - apply on the BBC website before 29th July