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We always provide some training for new folks.  It isn't very much but it gives you everything you need to have a good experience performing with us.  We focus on the important things that academics tend to not do very well (like microphone technique) and build on the strengths you already have.

Training typically consists of an "initial training" session about two weeks before the show date to cover writing and performance, and a "run through" session a week before the show to shakedown the material and hone the sets.  These each take between an hour and two hours depending on how many people are being trained.  We are always happy to provide feedback on material in between via email.

We always have a rehearsal on the evening of the show which is pretty much mandatory for everyone - even very experienced performers.  That's not usual in the stand-up comedy world, but neither are we.  We do it because we know it makes the show better.

Training times will be fixed to suit the performers (as best we can).

We train people with a view to performing, so the first step is to sign up to our interest list and then volunteer when we are recruiting.  There is more information on what that entails here.

We provide training for our shows for free but we can do paid-for staff development courses for universities and other employers - which we do in partnership with professional comedians.  To enquire about that contact us via the bit of Bright Club Edinburgh that is called Dan.