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If you’re a budding comedian, looking for a new public engagement opportunity, want to make your life more interesting, or just like the sound of your own voice then fill in this short form so we can inform you of show openings and training workshops as soon as they come up.

The Bright Club is a public engagement event unlike any other.  Researchers, from all fields and backgrounds, take to the stage to perform short stand-up comedy routines about their work.  Why?  Because it’s fun, interesting, and genuinely useful.  Comedy and research have a lot in common. 

Most of our performers have no experience of doing stand-up comedy – or have even considered it before - but that doesn’t matter.  We provide training with the help of professional comedians.  No matter how much experience you have with public speaking or teaching, there is something valuable you can learn from the world of stand-up – and have a great time as you do it
We had a sell-out debut show at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2011 with the BBC, and are working with brilliant comedy people including The Stand Comedy Club – one of the top comedy clubs in the UK.  Our shows sell out and we’ve had lots of media attention, including New Scientist , New Statesman, and Radio Scotland.  We even did a full run at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2013 at the Assembly Rooms.

We have regular shows and we are looking for people to get involved, make us laugh, and help make this the best Bright Club in the UK.  We are seeking researchers and other specialists from all fields…and not just from the Universities.
All our performers are, of course, researchers or other specialists (from students to professors) and not comedians, so you absolutely don’t need any stand-up experience. You don’t even need to have any jokes written, because we give you all the training and practice you need.  It’s easier than you think, but don’t tell your friends that because they’ll look at you in awe.

The biggest incentive we can offer is that performing is brilliant fun – hopefully we’ll hear from you soon.

The one thing that makes Bright Club Bright Club is that people do their stand-up about their special area of knowledge.  It doesn't have to be academic if you are not a university person (although that is what the majority will be).  We are not looking for normal stand-up comedy – there is plenty of that around already.  We are looking for that special blend of funny and interesting that our audience comes for.  If you've not done any comedy before that’s fine – you are exactly the sort of person we want the most.  

Usually we are looking for 8 minutes of stand up (means about 7 minutes of material).  Repeat performers are welcome and you don't need new material (unless you want to do new stuff).  New folk get priority but it does work well if there are a couple of experienced performers on the line up to help everyone along.

Bright Club Edinburgh
We have regular shows at The Stand Comedy Club - one of the best comedy venues in the UK.  We want researchers from all fields.  Training usually begins two weeks before the shows.