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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Bright Club Edinburgh #39 Why?

Tuesday 25 Oct at The Stand Comedy Club
A chemistry special for some reason


Carole Morrison – the leaky pipe
Lewis Fenton  – at war with the elephants
Angelos Stamos  – the blind leading the blind
Stephanie Urwin  – eat. sleep. chemistry. repeat.
Kelly Gallagher  – bridging the gap
Sam Hughes  – neither sexy nor cool
Chris Mowatt  – off the bench (replaces Sesha)

Supervised by compere Susan Morrison

Doors at 7.30pm, show begins 8.30pm
Tickets £5 available on the door and from

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Bright Club Edinburgh #38+/-Unclear

It's our fifth birthday - so time to contemplate what else we might have achieved in the past five years. But also a Bright Club show!

Join us for more of the usual out of the ordinary stand-up comedy.

Probably starring:

Adrian Smales – “Searching for the aging well”
Chris Heunen – “Quantum information antics”
Claire Ann Balfour – “Ways of making you talk”
Hans Sonntag – “Networking or not-working”
Keshav Bhatnagar – “Peake”
Liam Robertson – “Anyone for atomic tennis?”
Zachary Baynham-Herd – “Gorilla warfare”

& certainly hilarious compere Jay Lafferty

Doors at 7:30pm, show begins at 8:30pm. Tickets £5 available on the door and in advance from our lovely hosts, The Stand Comedy Club.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Bright Club Edinburgh #37.0 Assignment

Tuesday 26th April, at The Stand Comedy Club, Edinburgh

Join us as we mark World Intellectual Property Day by doing what we were going to do anyway - a stand-up comedy show featuring funny-interesting academic types.

Starring, the patently (pending) hilarious:

Valentina Ferro : The dark side of physics
Aurelien Ammeloot : Computer 1 - Human 0
Klaudia Kleczkowska : 50 shades of science
Stephen Darling : That’ll learn you
Jonathan Wyatt : Stand-up: counselling on legs
Adam Julians : Holy interpenetration

With compere Phil O'Shea

Mark it as a priority date in your lab books

Doors at 7.30pm, show begins 8.30pm
Tickets £5 available on the door and from

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Bright Club Edinburgh #36.0 Degrees

Bright Club Edinburgh returns! ...And the first show of 2016 brings plenty of new academic comedy talent.

Tuesday 23 Feb @ The Stand Comedy Club Doors at 7.30pm, show begins 8.30pm


Tom Rye    –    “Striving for mediocrity”
Frances Ryan   –   “Getting a reputation”
Mags Normand   –   “Frickin' lasers”
Daphne Loads   –   “Self expression”
Chris Thomson   –   “Prophet and loss”
Valerie Bentivegna – “Songs from the gut”
Cristian Redondo – “Further and further away”

and hilarious compere   Jay Lafferty

Tickets £5 available on the door and from