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Friday, 22 May 2015

Bright Club Edinburgh #33.3 Record

Tuesday 26 May @ The Stand Comedy Club
Doors at 7.30pm, show begins 8.30pm

Sander Keemink – “The bickering brain”
Alexandra Kuznetsova – “Is not certain”
Emanuele Trucco – “Of fish and admin”
Rory Telfer – “Acceptable mediocrity”
Adam Julians – “Holy interpenetration”
Lubna Kerr – “Mixed breed – mixed feed”
Kyle Viterbo – “If bones could talk”

Plus an incomparable compere
Tickets £5
available on the door and from

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Bright Club Edinburgh #32.0 Power

Bright Club Edinburgh returns to The Stand comedy club on Tuesday 28th April for more of the same different comedy.


Clare Taylor – “Microscopic menace”
Belen Martin-Barragan – “Let maths decide”
Mark Brite – “The entrepreneurial sociologist”
Stephen Darling – “What Bill forgot”
Danielle Eiseman – “Worth one’s trash”
Philip Wadler – “Computability”
Phil O’Shea – “Philosophy”

Overseen by compere Garry Dobson

Doors at 7:30pm. Show begins at 8:30pm.
Tickets are £5 (available on the door and in advance from The Stand)

Friday, 20 February 2015

Bright Club Edinburgh #31.0 Smart

Tuesday 24 Feb @ The Stand Comedy Club Doors at 7.30pm, show begins 8.30pm  (5 York Place EH1 3EB)

Spinning the funny with the interesting:

Jonathan Wyatt – “Counselling on a scale of 1 to 5”
Brian Morton – “Surrogate science”
Suzanne McEndoo – “Quantum computer says no”
Lubna Kerr – “Food glorious food”
Mark Malarkey – “Weirdly natural sex”
Lewis Dean – “Apes of wrath”
Maneesh Kuruvilla – “Rate me”

Stitched together by compere Jay Lafferty

Tickets £5
available on the door and from

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Bright Club Edinburgh #30.0 Radiance

Tuesday 25 Nov @ The Stand Comedy Club, Edinburgh

Maneesh Kuruvilla – “How may I assist you?”
Philip Wadler – “Turingery”
Kirsty Graham – “Pick up lines for the family”
Nathan Goodfriend – “Why am I in charge?”
Johnny Isaac – “Love's labour's lost”
Kate Cross – “Actually, it's about ethics…”

Finished off by Pete Gwynne
All overseen by compere Stu Murphy

Doors Open:19:30
Show Begins:20:30
Tickets £5 available on the door and in advance from The Stand's website

(Line up change from the poster.  Maneesh Kuruvilla replaces Tom Fleming)

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Bright Club Edinburgh #29.0 Lunar

What is a werewolf's favourite comedy show?

Bright Club Edinburgh
Tuesday 29th October

Ben Garlick ...winging it
Lubna Kerr ...ethnic sweetness
Simon Ward me to the moon
Johnny Isaac ..historic attraction
Kyle Viterbo ...indiana bones
Mark Malarkey ...f**ked in translation

With MC Susan Morrison
and headliner JoJo Sutherland

It's (nearly) Halloween so why not come dressed up?

Doors at 7:30pm, show begins at 8:30pm
Tickets £5 available on the door and in advance from

Sunday, 7 September 2014


We're just about recovered from the on-words with three more shows in Edinburgh this year

23rd September at The Stand (more info here)
28th October at The Stand (more info here)
25th November at The Stand (more info here)

There are a lot of other things going on too!

Bright Club Glasgow
17th September at Gilchrist PostGrad Club (more info here)
22nd September at The Stand (more info here)
26th September at Glasgow Science Centre (more info here)
24th November at The Stand (more info here)

Bright Club Dundee
23rd September (more info here)
22nd October (more info here)
11th November (more info here)

Bright Club Aberdeen
26th September at Cafe Drummond (more info here)

Bright Club in Oban
14th November for the Scottish Marine Institute ceilidh

Bright Club Newcastle 
18th November at The Stand (more info here)

You may have noticed a lot of shows happen on the 26th September.  This is because it is Explorathon '14.  More info on that here.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

The Edinburgh Fringe

Yes - we're back at the Fringe this year, but so as to give the other shows a chance we've decided to limit ourselves to just three shows in three different venues.  Go to for full details.