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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Bright Club Edinburgh 3.14: "Minced" - the line up

We are excited to announce the line up for this show:

Sarah Artt: Talking over the Christmas Telly
Charlotte Bosseaux: Carol-aoke Mistress
Fiona Lethbridge: Nuptial Gift Wrapper
Karon McBride: Physics Fairy
Dan Ridley-Ellis: Tree Wise Man
Hari Sriskantha: Gamma Ray-ndeer Burst

With Susan Morrison providing the additional comedy glitter.

(We couldn't resist writing a minced pile of new material)
As always, we advise advance purchase of tickets as there will only be a few available on the door.
And don't forget...we'd love you to dress up in some minced-up fashion. We will be...

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