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Thursday 22 September 2011

Children of the revolution

Wow. We sure do get the loveliest audience on the stand-up comedy circuit. And we are not just saying that. We're typing it on the information super highway. Kerchow.

So let's pause for a moment to reflect on what we learnt... Male torsos are interesting, especially when covered in QR codes - although they could do with more doughnuts. That there may be lust in translation, or depressing failure to acquire the right culture...and that something truly filthy can be rhymed with submarine.

Seriously. We can never hear that song again without thinking - we can't say it. The Internet is not ready for that level of filth yet.

Photos will be posted up on Facebook soon, but in the meantime, you may like to listen to the interview that we did live on BBC Radio Scotland following our launch in July. It was only on iplayer for a week so I hope the BBC are cool with reposting it...because we so want to work with them again next Fringe.