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Monday, 29 August 2011

Bright Club Edinburgh comprehensively launched

Good news everyone: Bright Club Edinburgh is now well and truly launched. Our inaugural gig was on the 26th July at the City Cafe and we came back to do another inaugural gig on the BBC stage on the 24th August. I guess this means that, like the Queen, we have two birthdays. This is a good thing because we like a party.

Also in August we sent ambassadors of funny down to Wales for the Green Man music festival. Then, just as we performers were feeling a bit sad that our time in the limelight was coming to an end, the nice people at the Turing Festival invited us to come and make some more laughter last Saturday evening.

Now though, we must be good children and share our new toy. So at our next gig we'll have a totally new line up and, like the Doctor on fast-forward we'll be regenerating pretty much every month from now on. Details of the next gig still be sorted out, but set diaries to book: 20th September.

And, of course, if you are involved in university research we'd love to have you be funny with us. It is a total blast. You'll love it.