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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

First Bright Club!
Tuesday 26th July, Doors open 7.30pm

Let there be Bright (Club): We're talking about... Beginnings!

Come to the City Cafe on Blair Street at 7.30pm on 26 July and meet some of the fascinating people working in Edinburgh's Universities as they take a whimsical look at the weird and wonderful world of research!

Susan Morrison - MC and Comedy Volcano!
Dan Arnold – Isn't sure what he is...!
Steve Earl – Energetic Engineer
Zara Gladman - Zoo-lol-ogist
Andy Macleod – Gene Genie-us
Dan Ridley-Ellis – Leaps from tree to tree...
Hari Sriskantha – Astro-lyricist
and more...!!!

Tickets are the bargain price of £3. Click here to buy them online